Josh Ivan Morales

Josh Ivan Morales, is making a name right now in the Indie Films in Philippines and after Joining the recently Bench Black Out Party, will it open new doors for him by the way he is also known as Maico Eduria (his real name), is a porn star here the Philippines. He is a member of Viva’s “Men of Provoq”. Prior to his joining the sexy male group.

Josh Ivan Morales in Lihim Ni Antonio

Josh Ivan Morales also starred in one of the Most anticipating scandal movie:

Manila Sex Scandal, if you have seen that movie which is widely spread with the help of the pirated cd's and dvd's he is the long haired guy on one of the sex scene of the film.
He is one of the supporting cast of Troika (Threesome), a sizzling erotic indie film by Ihman Esturco. he is also a Nude Male Calendar.

His last project was the indie film “Ang Lihim ni Antonio” which is currently the highest-grossing digital movie in the history of Philippine cinema.

Josh Ivan Morales at Bench Black Out Party

Josh Ivan Morales is also one of the Male Model who Participate in the yearly Fashion Show of Bench, The Bench Black Out Party this year.

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