Craig Horner

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Have you seen the New TV Series in Studio 23 ?
its called The Legend of the Seeker.
its pretty catchy...
I was able to watch the pilot episode yesterday and I say the show has a future, the costume and setting of the show kinda reminds me of the TV series Xena The Warrior Princess. or The Adventures of Hercules (I'm referring to the other one the teen Hercules).

In the series the Seeker is played by Craig Horner, is an Australian actor who first appeared in the Australian television program Cybergirl. Horner also portrayed Garry Miller on the series Blue Water High and Ash Dove in the series H2O: Just Add Water. He currently stars as Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker, the syndicated television adaption of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series of books.

He's pretty young and handsome, with very sexy smiles. currently Legend of the Seeker has 22 episodes and currently airing in Studio 23 before Smallville.


Derek Ramsey

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I'm sure you have all seen the Lucky Me Lomi commercial of Derek ?!
gosh I'm so distracted with his commercial , I don't know why ?!
Honestly I did not find the Lomi delicious, I tried it once when it first came out, I find it too salty, However When Derek endorse it as if its really delicious, what I actually find delicious is Derek and not the Lomi !

I envy Angelica Panganiban for having Derek(Jackpot ka girl !), and for that I cant wait to see Derek and Angelica in their upcoming movie "I love you GoodBye" which is the official entry for Metro Manila Film Fest produce by Star Cinema.

After getting supporting roles from Ang Panday and Super Inggo, Derek got his first lead role from Ysabella.

from then on Derek is now one of the Kapamilya's Network Number one Leading Man and with his upcoming movie his really being taken care of by the Kapamilya Management.

Will Derek Ramsey the new Piolo or Jericho of the Kapamilya Network ?
for sure there will be more to come for Derek Ramsey.

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Jon Avila

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I was watching Showtime around November and I'm so hook-up with Jon Avila, who wont fall for his sexy smiles(ngiti pa lang winner na). I had fun watching the Show and I definitely miss the moments of Vice Ganda and Jon Avila.

Aside from being PBB ExHousemate Jo Avila is also the number 7 Sexiest Pinoy in Starmometer, Sexiest Pinoy 2008

After his break in PBB Celebrity Edition, Jon Avila was given a break as a funny yet sexy Pinoy Super Hero Kapitan Boom

I hope to see again the hunky handsome and Funny in a corny way Kapitan Boom ! More Shows for you Jon !

Mark Bautista

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Lets Talk About: Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009

Men Men and Many more Hot Men !!! even the singer and actor Mark Bautista was one of the Hot men of the recently held Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009. There is no mistake that Mark Bautista is a good singer, I cant remember how many times I fell in love in his songs, but to see him topless and all dirty is a different level OMG !!! who will be next Chrisitian Bautista ? Erick Santos ?(ows!?) or Jed Madela ?(che !).

Though Mark Bautista needs more work out and all however the way he looks and smile is very sexy as if he's gonna lick you or something like that.

Mark Bautista is not one of the Cosmo Bachelor 2009 from but he's one of the guess of that night, I hope next year Mark Bautista will make it to the list, and I would like to see more of him in the run way not wearing jeans but undies lol !

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Andrew Wolff

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Last Friday during Banchetto in Emerald Avenue Ortigas, I was with my friend Paul and Val when they saw Andrew Wolff, too bad I did not notice him I was paying attention to the other guy(lol, so flirting). He actually entered the Strata Building in Emerald Avenue, I wonder what is he doing or what kind of business he is up to ?, It seems that for some time now Andrew Wolf is inactive in his showbiz career, does anyone know anything why ? and what happen to him lately?

The last thing I heard about him is when he got arrested in Boracay, after that I heard nothing, I'm not even sure if that incident was reported in TV.

well despite of all the scandal he got himself into Andrew Wolff for me is really a wolf ! lol how I wish he was one of the wolf in New Moon lol. He's a good example of Big(as in very Big) Bad very very Bad Wolf yet yummy.

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Janvier Daily

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For the last couple of weeks, Thanks to my Friend Paul I was able to watch some pink films, as I mention in my previous post Just recently I watched one of the most Popular Indie Films which is "Ang Lalaki sa Parola", in which I was captured by the innocent look of Mateo.

Moving forward I just watched an Indie Film entitled Roxxxanne by Jun Luna starring Sheree, Jay Aquitania, and Janvier Daily.

Janvier Daily play the role of Jonas in the movie, a naughty tricycle driver who loves watching sex video scandal(hmmm...) which I believed he played the role very well, he caught my interest since I dont know much about him.

If you'll think about it Jonas(Janvier Daily) resembles those young sexy and hot tricycle driver.

I was actually surprise when I find out that he's the ex-boyfriend of sexy comedian Ethel Booba (damn she's so lucky) , there was also a nude photo of him sleeping as in nude very nude as in, and according to some blogsites the picture was taken by un-name friend of Ethel Booba(that's very bad), and just like Coco Martin, Janvier Daily is now making he's way into the Digital Movies, aside from Roxxxanne he also playing a role in Bayaw.

I hope to see more of him in the next coming year since I believe he has a talent and a good actor.

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Harry Laurel

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Before my rest day my friend Paul lend me some of his Pinoy Indie Films(Pink Films), and since I heard about the indie film Ang Lalake sa Parola I never had a chance to see it back then until today.

As the movie starts to load and play in my computer I feel the excitement inside me, I heard a lot about the movie so my expectations are very high, the dvd that my friend lend me has some extra goddies in it, before watching the film itself I watched first the behind the scene, just to prolonge the excitement. lol

The Behind the Scene already gave me an idea of the story and the cast, its really a good film I said to my self so right after the Behind the Scene I play the movie itself.

Well I was very amazed of the story, the storyline is pretty good and there's drama in it, to sum it up it actually exceed my expectations, what really amazed me is the sex scene of Harry Laurel and Justin De Leon.

I was also amazed by Harry Laurel's frontal act in the movie, which I think made him more sexy, his innocent and province boy look(probinsyano) made me like him, though there are some flaws in his act, over all he did great in this movie.

In some blogsites Harry Laurel is refer as Harry Chua, I really did not know him since this is his first movie and despite of the bunch of pink films coming out lately theres only few films Harry Laurel is associated with.

Now Harry Laurel is one of the members of provoq

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gorgeous men in undies

Page Removed

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This is to inform the public who visit and view my site that the Andy Honda page is being removed, this is in compliance with the letter/comment I received last October, I apologized for the late response to their request to removed the page since I was busy during those days due to the damage that the typhoons have caused me, moving forward I'm removing the Andy Honda page in my site due to the legal matter. here is the comment that was posted in my site last October.

To Whom It May Concern:

We represent Andy Honda in the above referenced legal matter. Mr. Honda is an actor and model who has recently become aware of pictures of himself that have been posted on the internet without his knowledge or consent. At the time the pictures were taken, Mr. Honda believed that they would be used for personal purposes and not for commercial purposes. However, it appears these private pictures have been misappropriated and are being exploited for commercial gain without Mr. Honda’s consent.

Your website posts some of these unauthorized pictures, including Mr. Honda’s name. Your unauthorized use of Mr. Honda’s name and image makes you complicit in the violation of his privacy rights. Not only have you used Mr. Honda’s name and pictures without his permission, but you are using them for commercial purposes as your website contains paid advertising and/or content links to other websites having a commercial purpose.

Such unauthorized use of Mr. Honda’s name and image for commercial purposes violates California Civil Code Section 3344(a). Pursuant to the statute, not only is Mr. Honda entitled to general damages for loss of reputation, shame and mortification, but he is also entitled to any profits you might have earned from the unauthorized use of his name and likeness. Additionally, Mr. Honda may have claims for punitive damages and attorney fees should this claim be litigated in a court of law. In California, punitive damages are awarded to punish a defendant for his or her wrongful acts.

We demand that your website remove any reference to Mr. Honda’s name and the images described herein from its website. Further, we demand that your website remove any access to these pictures and Mr. Honda’s name from its indexing system and cache so that so that internet searches for “Andy Honda” will not locate your website.

/ / /

We expect to receive communication from you within seven days of the date of this letter providing your assurances that you will comply with our demands described above. In the event that we do not hear from you or that you refuse to remove Mr. Honda’s name and pictures described above from your website, we will have no choice but to include you and your website in the legal action we will be filing against those who have violated Mr. Honda’s privacy rights.

Pick & Boydston, LLP

Coco Martin

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He's known as "The Indie Prince of Philippine Independent Cinema", having been cast in numerous critically acclaimed or award-winning independent films(Pink Films) like his award winning act in "Masahista".

Born as Rodel Nacianceno, now Coco Martin is one of the Big Stars of Kapamilya Network, we loved him in his role in the previously top rated Kapamilya Teleserye in Prime Time Bida as Gerald Anderson's younger brother(Ramon, Tayong Dalawa).

After his breakthrough in "Masahista", Coco Martin receive an exclusive contract with the Kapuso Network(GMA 7) last 2007 and begun appearing in most of their TV shows.

and in 2008 Coco Martin returned to Kapamilya Network(ABS - CBN) as a regular artist on most of their Teledrama shows in which he was cast in Tayong Dalawa.

after the Tayong Dalawa ended a lot have question of where he's career will take him next, well theres a lot to watch for Coco Martin not Pink Films maybe but more Drama and Acting role for him as it may seems that the Kapamilya Network is building and investing a lot in him, Coco Martin is now being inline with Kapamilya's Big Star like Piolo Pascual and Diether Ocampo.

right now Coco Martin is one of the Prime Cast of Kapamilya's newest afternoon drama "Nagsimula sa Puso".
Coco Martin was RP's Sexiest Men in 2007 and he's in number 67 spot.

And from the 67 spot he moved to number 29 of RP's Sexiest Men in 2008

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Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009

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Lets Talk About: Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009

The much awaited event of the season, Despite of the typhoons that hit the nation no one cant stop the raining of MEN !!!

As I mention on my previous post Gerald Anderson is one of the Hottest Hunk for this season, Gerald and other Kapamilya and Kapuso Star are the Cosmopolitan's Centerfold 2009.


Gerald Anderson, Cosmo Hunk

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Finally Gerald Anderson was introduce to the public as one of the Hottest and Sexiest Hunk of his Generation, as the 2009 Cosmopolitan Held its Bachelor Bash.

Ever since Gerald Anderson step out of the Pinoy Big Brother House Teen edition I always knew that one day he will be one of the Sexiest Men in the Philippine Showbiz Industry, I say Kapamilya Network is lucky enough to have him, and I believe that's one of the reason why Kapamilya Network is building his Career. I could see that someday Gerald Anderson is someone who could compete or stand out against actors like Piolo Pascual, Jericho Rosales, and Ding Dong Dantes.

Gerald Anderson as cover for Cosmopolitan 2009. For the past years after he departs from Kuya's house, The cute boy is now a Sexy Hunk, we will be expecting a lot from Gerald Anderson that's for sure.

Gerald Anderson, From a Cute Teen boy to a Sexy Hunk

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