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Lets Talk About: Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009

Men Men and Many more Hot Men !!! even the singer and actor Mark Bautista was one of the Hot men of the recently held Cosmo Bachelor Bash 2009. There is no mistake that Mark Bautista is a good singer, I cant remember how many times I fell in love in his songs, but to see him topless and all dirty is a different level OMG !!! who will be next Chrisitian Bautista ? Erick Santos ?(ows!?) or Jed Madela ?(che !).

Though Mark Bautista needs more work out and all however the way he looks and smile is very sexy as if he's gonna lick you or something like that.

Mark Bautista is not one of the Cosmo Bachelor 2009 from but he's one of the guess of that night, I hope next year Mark Bautista will make it to the list, and I would like to see more of him in the run way not wearing jeans but undies lol !

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