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For the last couple of weeks, Thanks to my Friend Paul I was able to watch some pink films, as I mention in my previous post Just recently I watched one of the most Popular Indie Films which is "Ang Lalaki sa Parola", in which I was captured by the innocent look of Mateo.

Moving forward I just watched an Indie Film entitled Roxxxanne by Jun Luna starring Sheree, Jay Aquitania, and Janvier Daily.

Janvier Daily play the role of Jonas in the movie, a naughty tricycle driver who loves watching sex video scandal(hmmm...) which I believed he played the role very well, he caught my interest since I dont know much about him.

If you'll think about it Jonas(Janvier Daily) resembles those young sexy and hot tricycle driver.

I was actually surprise when I find out that he's the ex-boyfriend of sexy comedian Ethel Booba (damn she's so lucky) , there was also a nude photo of him sleeping as in nude very nude as in, and according to some blogsites the picture was taken by un-name friend of Ethel Booba(that's very bad), and just like Coco Martin, Janvier Daily is now making he's way into the Digital Movies, aside from Roxxxanne he also playing a role in Bayaw.

I hope to see more of him in the next coming year since I believe he has a talent and a good actor.

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