Andrew Wolff

Last Friday during Banchetto in Emerald Avenue Ortigas, I was with my friend Paul and Val when they saw Andrew Wolff, too bad I did not notice him I was paying attention to the other guy(lol, so flirting). He actually entered the Strata Building in Emerald Avenue, I wonder what is he doing or what kind of business he is up to ?, It seems that for some time now Andrew Wolf is inactive in his showbiz career, does anyone know anything why ? and what happen to him lately?

The last thing I heard about him is when he got arrested in Boracay, after that I heard nothing, I'm not even sure if that incident was reported in TV.

well despite of all the scandal he got himself into Andrew Wolff for me is really a wolf ! lol how I wish he was one of the wolf in New Moon lol. He's a good example of Big(as in very Big) Bad very very Bad Wolf yet yummy.

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  1. He has a product in the Drugstores called Calcium Cee. He has an office at Strata..


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