Harry Laurel

Before my rest day my friend Paul lend me some of his Pinoy Indie Films(Pink Films), and since I heard about the indie film Ang Lalake sa Parola I never had a chance to see it back then until today.

As the movie starts to load and play in my computer I feel the excitement inside me, I heard a lot about the movie so my expectations are very high, the dvd that my friend lend me has some extra goddies in it, before watching the film itself I watched first the behind the scene, just to prolonge the excitement. lol

The Behind the Scene already gave me an idea of the story and the cast, its really a good film I said to my self so right after the Behind the Scene I play the movie itself.

Well I was very amazed of the story, the storyline is pretty good and there's drama in it, to sum it up it actually exceed my expectations, what really amazed me is the sex scene of Harry Laurel and Justin De Leon.

I was also amazed by Harry Laurel's frontal act in the movie, which I think made him more sexy, his innocent and province boy look(probinsyano) made me like him, though there are some flaws in his act, over all he did great in this movie.

In some blogsites Harry Laurel is refer as Harry Chua, I really did not know him since this is his first movie and despite of the bunch of pink films coming out lately theres only few films Harry Laurel is associated with.

Now Harry Laurel is one of the members of provoq

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