Craig Horner

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Have you seen the New TV Series in Studio 23 ?
its called The Legend of the Seeker.
its pretty catchy...
I was able to watch the pilot episode yesterday and I say the show has a future, the costume and setting of the show kinda reminds me of the TV series Xena The Warrior Princess. or The Adventures of Hercules (I'm referring to the other one the teen Hercules).

In the series the Seeker is played by Craig Horner, is an Australian actor who first appeared in the Australian television program Cybergirl. Horner also portrayed Garry Miller on the series Blue Water High and Ash Dove in the series H2O: Just Add Water. He currently stars as Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker, the syndicated television adaption of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series of books.

He's pretty young and handsome, with very sexy smiles. currently Legend of the Seeker has 22 episodes and currently airing in Studio 23 before Smallville.


Derek Ramsey

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I'm sure you have all seen the Lucky Me Lomi commercial of Derek ?!
gosh I'm so distracted with his commercial , I don't know why ?!
Honestly I did not find the Lomi delicious, I tried it once when it first came out, I find it too salty, However When Derek endorse it as if its really delicious, what I actually find delicious is Derek and not the Lomi !

I envy Angelica Panganiban for having Derek(Jackpot ka girl !), and for that I cant wait to see Derek and Angelica in their upcoming movie "I love you GoodBye" which is the official entry for Metro Manila Film Fest produce by Star Cinema.

After getting supporting roles from Ang Panday and Super Inggo, Derek got his first lead role from Ysabella.

from then on Derek is now one of the Kapamilya's Network Number one Leading Man and with his upcoming movie his really being taken care of by the Kapamilya Management.

Will Derek Ramsey the new Piolo or Jericho of the Kapamilya Network ?
for sure there will be more to come for Derek Ramsey.

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Jon Avila

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I was watching Showtime around November and I'm so hook-up with Jon Avila, who wont fall for his sexy smiles(ngiti pa lang winner na). I had fun watching the Show and I definitely miss the moments of Vice Ganda and Jon Avila.

Aside from being PBB ExHousemate Jo Avila is also the number 7 Sexiest Pinoy in Starmometer, Sexiest Pinoy 2008

After his break in PBB Celebrity Edition, Jon Avila was given a break as a funny yet sexy Pinoy Super Hero Kapitan Boom

I hope to see again the hunky handsome and Funny in a corny way Kapitan Boom ! More Shows for you Jon !


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