Craig Horner

Have you seen the New TV Series in Studio 23 ?
its called The Legend of the Seeker.
its pretty catchy...
I was able to watch the pilot episode yesterday and I say the show has a future, the costume and setting of the show kinda reminds me of the TV series Xena The Warrior Princess. or The Adventures of Hercules (I'm referring to the other one the teen Hercules).

In the series the Seeker is played by Craig Horner, is an Australian actor who first appeared in the Australian television program Cybergirl. Horner also portrayed Garry Miller on the series Blue Water High and Ash Dove in the series H2O: Just Add Water. He currently stars as Richard Cypher in Legend of the Seeker, the syndicated television adaption of Terry Goodkind's Sword of Truth series of books.

He's pretty young and handsome, with very sexy smiles. currently Legend of the Seeker has 22 episodes and currently airing in Studio 23 before Smallville.


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