Daniel Matsunaga

Thanks to wingtip I just recently watched SISTERAKAS were in Daniel Matsunaga played an in-demand fashion model, in the movie Ponytail own by Vice Ganda and La yondale(excuse me for the spelling) own by Kris Aquino are rivals in the fashion industry and both are competing to sign a contract with the handsome and super sexy hunk Daniel Matsunaga.

To be honest SISTERAKAS is the first movie I have seen Daniel Matsunaga and I have to say that despite of his good-looks I still think that he needs more acting workshop, anyway that's my opinion and I do not claim to be a good actor but I have seen good-looking, hunk, sexy and hot actors than him. 

Now then this post is not for Daniel Matsunaga's acting prowess its to showcase how handsome he is even if he is not shirtless.

So here are some photos I look up were in he is not shirtless, and I have to say Daniel Matsunaga has a very sexy smile.

I do not own any of the photos above, credits to the photos belongs to their respective owner. I found the photos using google images.

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