Top 5 Hot and Sexy Hollywood Bachelor 2011

Dateless this coming Valentines? 
Well let this Hollywood Bachelors make you fall in love.
Handpick by yours truly, every one of them will surely make your Valentines remarkable.

First on the list is Robert Pattinson, feeling thirsty? Let him fill in your hunger for some bloody red!, The sexy Twilight actor has women’s hearts all over the world not just Bella’s as he play the role of Edward the sexy vampire in the Twilight series. 

Second, Taylor Lutner, if your into meat ! then his the right guy ! with his hot and sexy body for sure you’ll crave for more ! , Taylor Lutner have made the scene so wild and hot as he play the role of Jacob in Twilight Series.

Third, let’s bring in some Sex and the City, for sure all Gays and Women out there envy Samantha Jones, Jason Lewis play the role of Sam’s boyfriend in the Sex and the City series, truly Hot and Sexy !

Fourth, Looking for the Man of Steel ?, Tom Welling is willing and fitting for the job, as he has the strength of a steel to make you shout for help !  he play the role of the young Superman in Smallville, so expect some super hot and sexy action. 

And finally, the fifth, He’s surely hot and he’s on fire baby! Chris Evans plays the role of Human Torch from the Fantastic Four Movie. 

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