Top 5 Hot and Sexy Philippine Bachelor 2011

Loveless ?
Single ? 
Then fall-in-love with these Hot and Sexy Philippine Bachelor 2011, handpick by yours truly. This is my version of Hollywood Bachelor.

Introducing the Top 5 Hot and Sexy Philippine Bachelor of 2011. 

First on the list is the English-Filipino footballer Phil Younghusband, he invited Angel Locsin on a date but Angel is very busy right now interms of hunting down the Pinoy vampires in Imortal. So if your available then why not ask Phil on a Valentine date!(wapak).

Second on the list is the Prince of Indie films Coco Martin, the boyish look will make you fall in love and with his skills as masseur, he will make you feel relax, don’t you just love it Coco Martin giving you Swedish massage?

Third on the list is Machete, Aljur Abrenica, imagine a Hot and Sexy statue that will come to life and will love you for eternity, and that statue is Aljur !. 

Fourth on the list is Richard Gutierrez star of “My Valentine Girls” movie, he is surely good-looking just like his father, and surely his hot. So while he cant find his Valentine Girl then why don’t you apply to be one.

And lastly is the Asian Pop Idol and Romantic Balladeer Christian Bautista, fall in love on his romantic voice as he sing, and melt down on his hot and sexy body.

I hope these Hot and Sexy Philippine Bachelor made you fall in love again this month of love of February. 
Again Happy Valentines to all the lovers. 
And to all Single out there just like me, well Happy Independence!

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Coco Martin( AljurAbrenica(
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